Stainless Steel Flatware 8-Piece Set by Japense Designer Takenobu Igarashi


Straight Knife: 7.75 in. long
Table Spoon: 8 in. long
Dinner Fork: 7.75 in. long
Cake Fork: 6 in. long
Tea Spoon: 6 in. long

8-piece cutlery set by Japense designer Takenobu Igarashi, designed in 1990. Made from lightweight 18/10 stainless steel in a polished finish, the series is finished by 40-50 production processes combining human hand and machinery. Each piece is stamped Tsubame-Shinko, Made in Japan.

This set includes one each of table spoon, tea spoon, dessert spoon, dinner fork, cake fork, straight Knife, butter knife and round knife. 8 piece total set, please select the amount of person settings. Set is 8 piece per person.