Home Union's Checkerboard Wool Rugs

Home Union's Checkerboard Wool Rugs


Comes in 3 sizes and two color-ways: 2'x3', 4'x6', and 5'x8'.

Home Union's limited run Moroccan wool checkerboard rugs. About the Rugs: The principles of Wabi-Sabi are not ours, but we like them plenty. There is a beauty in the ephemeral or transient; there is a grace in imperfection. The world view of wabi-sabi comes from Japanese aesthetics which are focused on the acceptance of imperfection or incompletion. Similar ideas exist in different forms. There is an idea that God, and only God, is perfect- leaving several cultures on opposing sides of the globe to leave deliberate imperfections in their work, art, and even architecture. And deliberate imperfection in rugs specifically, is a practice that has made its way around the world, and we think that is really, really cool.

Our rugs are made with sustainable wool in Morocco by workers who love what they do and are well paid for doing it. They are almost perfect- but left with an intentional mismatch in color that is sure to madden the obsessed, but will hopefully please the rest of ‘em.