Baina Bath Mats

Baina Bath Mats


33" x 20".

Baina BEPPU checkerboard bath mat. Comes in Sage green and cream check or tobacco brown and black check or red and cream check. 100% organic cotton terry. Super soft and luxe. Sold individually. Choose color at checkout. 

About Baina towels, they are designed with intent, to equally favour design and functionality. Finding the balance between a generously soft handle whilst carefully considering the weight in which the towel absorbs effectively and dries quickly after use. Our towels are made from double-looped terry cloth in weights of 500gsm and 600gsm.

Our terry is double looped, constructed using two twisted cotton threads in each pile which allows for a more dense, upright loop that is not only soft to the touch but exceptionally absorbent, drawing in moisture to the base of the towel. BAINA towels are manufactured in Portugal, a country renowned for its high- quality textiles and home to some of the most skilled and established towelling mills in the world.

The Portuguese mill is progressive in approach in their social accountability, environmental impact and technological innovation.

BAINA’s mill partners are committed to reducing their ecological footprint and lowering emissions, while their fabrication development sees them exploring recycled yarns and eco-dying. Regularly upgrading technologies ensures energy conservation and cost reductions, resulting in improved wages for workers.

BAINA is a conscious business. From inception we have been acutely aware of the quantities we are producing. We’re committed to producing sustainable quantities to meet the market demand without overproducing, only adding additional styles in limited production runs that complement our existing range. We are season-less with each style designed to be thoughtfully woven into the collection.


Wash towels separately through a cold or low temperature cycle (40 degrees).Use natural detergent to protect the integrity of the towel and avoid using softeners or oxidising/chlorine based bleaching agents.Line dry in shade. For optimal softness, we recommend a tumble dry on low heat. Do not dry clean.If a loop gets caught and snags, avoid pulling the thread as this may cause further damage. We recommend cutting the thread at the base of the towel. We advise caution when using any cosmetics or skincare as some products contain chemicals that may cause discolouration.