Natural Anatolia Handwoven Cotton/Linen Towels, More Colors

Natural Anatolia Handwoven Cotton/Linen Towels, More Colors


About 41" x 76". Fabric: 70% Linen, 30% Cotton.

The Stripes Collection is inspired by Slim Aarons 70s and carries the pure elegance of linen and vintage styled towels in Black, Grey and Red.

The vertical stripes are woven in Anatolia by artisan families that produce the highest quality natural linen fibers.

The linen stripes are compact and resistant, ideal for sandy beaches. Super soft and get softer with each use. Also great for bath or throw blanket. 

The fabrics are handwoven using only the most sustainable materials such as Linen and certified 100% Organic Cotton.

The fabrics are certified Standard 100 Oeko-Tex meaning they have been tested for human and ecological safety and guarantee the absence of harmful substances and allergic reactions.

All the yarns are sourced locally to minimize environmental impact and empower local economies.